Saturday, September 10, 2005

Knee Injury

It has been a few days since my last post. Nothing too exciting has happened. I feel that I should tell you that I have injured my knee. On Wednesday, we went to play ultimate frisbee. I always look forward to this day. It is a time to have fun, exercise, and meet new people. The game was going well, with both teams equally matched. Towards the last part of the game, I went for the frisbee in the end zone and I landed straight on my leg, which caused my knee to strain. I fell to the ground and grabbed my knee. After awhile, I needed to get up. I sat down on a bench for some time, while I rested. I am not exactly sure what I has happened to my knee. Maybe I hyperextended it or it could be a sprain. Since, this day I have limped around, trying not to put pressure on my knee.

I spoke with our music director, who not only has a doctorate in Music, but is also a medical doctor. She has told me that I need to take ibuprofen and rest. She doesn’t think it’s that bad because I don’t feel excruciating pain and I am able to move around with ease. On Thursday, I became slightly depressed because this means I will need to stay off my leg for a while. Many of the activities outside of school revolve around sports, such as tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and running. I can’t even go on the weekly Hash House Harriers run!!!!!!! I will not be able to participate in these activities until I am healed. For this weekend, I have checked out two movies. I will pretty much stay in bed and watch movies.

Last night, the teachers and staff at ASOY were invited to attend a reception at the ambassador’s house. How amazing is that? We talked and dined with the staff of the embassy as well as several Cameroonian officials. The ambassador’s house is gigantic and definitely well guarded. I have heard great things about the work he has done so far. I can imagine you, Terrenda, in the same position one day!! During the ambassador’s speech, he recognized the wonderful work teachers do and thanked us.

School is going well. I didn’t walk around much the last two days because of the knee problem. The students were very helpful. A few of them went down to the Canteen (cafeteria) to get my lunch and a bag of ice. We are currently reading the book In the year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, completing a research project on the planets (which one of the students suggested we do) and they are completing a 3-D model of their homes for Monday. So, as you can see, there are a lot of exciting things going on.

Well, I wanted to add a post to let everyone know what’s going on. I’m not sure if I will do too many things this weekend. So, don’t be shocked if you do not see a post with some fantastic experience. However, keep checking back at the site. I really do appreciate everyone reading the blog and staying on top of the things I am doing here in Yaounde


Anonymous Ron said...


Really sorry to hear about the knee injury. However, take the opportunity to have a restful weekend --you probably need it.


1:45 AM  
Anonymous Shae' Shae said...

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it's better now.

Heyward and I finally have the internet hooked up so we'll stay in touch more often.

-Shae' Shae

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Sam said...

Hello Jennifer, I can hardly wait to read your blog entries. Hope you are completely healed of the knee injury so you can continue to
have fun and more adventure thus
something to write about:)


8:51 PM  

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