Friday, August 19, 2005

Here are some pictures I took today and yesterday. The first one is of my car! Isn't it cute. The steering is tough, but it works very well. Remember when I told you I put gas in it yesterday, well I forgot to tell you how much it cost me! Are you ready for this? 50 DOLLARS!!! How crazy is that! That is like filling up an SUV in the states. Let me tell you that it isn't so cheap living here as I imagined. A lot of food products are imported so they are more expensive. I will drive home today! It will be the first long drive that I have made.

The second picture is of my room. And yes mom, I already need to clean it up. We will hire someone who will clean our apartment for us and cook some of our meals. Many of the other teachers have someone to do those things for them.

The third picture is of my bathroom. They just constructed that wall in the center. If you look at the bottom right (underneath the sink) you will see where the water would spill before the wall went up. There is no drain there and it would completely flood. I feel I can take more of a comfortable shower now.

Yesterday we took a trip to the embassy. It was really cool to meet some of the people who work there. We also went to the comissary where we bought a few American food items. They also have a gym that is open 24hours! We went through a lot of security to enter the embassy. That embassy won't be there much longer as they have built a new American embassy in another party of the city.

We went running yesterday at the Parcour vita (spelling). It is a circular trail at the foot of Mt. Febe. Although I didn't run that much this summer, I thought I was in shape. And boy was I wrong! The hills on this course were killer. A few of us had to stop and walk. But, I hope to run it in the future without stopping.

The name Cameroon, comes from camaroes. That is prawn in Portuguese. The first Europeans explorers found a bunch of these prawns in the Wouri River. This info is from my Bradt travel guide on Cameroon.

By the way, we didn't go to the gorilla sanctuary. We will go another day. Talk with you later. OH! I also figured out how to reply to your comments. I am reading every single one. I will now reply to comments since I know how. KEEP READING!


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