Sunday, May 06, 2007

Baboons at the Cape

At the park, we were lucky enough to see a few baboon families. While driving along the roads, you would see a bunch of cars and buses parked to the side and wonder what they were doing. Once you got closer, you realized they were stopping to take photos of the baboons. I must say,we fell into the trap too. We took a few pictures once we came upon the baboons.

What was scarier was what we saw on the drive up to the Cape of Good Hope. The roads leading to the park were very windy and rocky. There were signs labeling how dangerous the baboons were more than two miles outside of the park. So, while we were driving we carefully looked out the windows to try and spot one of these baboons. All of a suddon we did see one. He witnessed him jumping up on top of the porch of one of the homes..right next to an open window!! Not sure where he went afterwards. But, one can assume he could of entered the house.


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