Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Cotswold Guest House

While in Capetown, I stayed at the CotsWold Guest House. The guest house is owned by one of our former adminstrators here at the American School of Yaounde. Her and her husband retired in Cape Town. And, what an amazingly beautiful place it is to retire. Every morning, they served a breakfast of ham, cheese, bread, yogurt, and fresh fruits. It was truly a relaxing time.

Their home is across the street from the guest house. There are two floors: the first offers three guest rooms and the top is their house. Their house includes a balcony, which allows them to see beautiful sunsets such as this one. It's like a beautiful picture.

If you are ever in Cape Town, I recommend staying at Cotswold Guest House.
Please check our their website, either HERE or THERE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures of Yaounde. Looking at them make me feel homesick (I currrently live in LA, California), especially eating those "poisons grille" and "les soya." Wow, I can't believe ASOY has changed so much. I was a student there from K-9 grade, and also taught ESL and PE back in 1992.

Hope you continue to enjoy Cape Town. Feel free to send me an e-mail:

I don't mind catching up about Cameroon.

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