Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bamenda Trip

A Long Long Long time ago I took a trip to the NorthWest province.It happened to be one of my favorite trips this year in Cameroon. Even with that said, I waited to the last minute to type up a post about it. I don't know why I waited until my last day in Cameroon. I will tell you that this post won't do the trip justice. However, I did want to share some photos that I took while there.

We visited the province of the fons (village chiefs). Their palaces where amazing. I learned so much about the history of Cameroon. Especially, which I find most interesting, are the large numbers of different ethnic groups, each with their own language. For example, the Bamum Script from the people of Foumban is a language that was developed before colonization.

We had a great time drinking rafia wine, visiting palace museums such as Babungo Museum , and enjoying friends.

Of course no trip would be complete without me getting sick or injured somehow. So, of course the first night I had food poisoning and threw up the whole night!

Bamenda is a special place. I will return there again and you will hear about all of the adventures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are some of the similiarities that u find are of the stuff that u have back in the U.S.In the NorthWest what does it look to u when u see chiefs with more than forty wives;and would u like to be the forty-first to any of them?

4:52 PM  
Anonymous ian said...

hi jennifer, found your cameroon stories very interesting as i am due to marry my cameroon girlfriend very soon!!..we met in scotland(my country)and want to know the legalities of marrying so that she will have the rights of working in the uk,.. please can you give ant information on this ?many thanks...ian chalmers

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was nice of you to have volunteered in Cameroon and speak very highly of the country, something you don't find here in the US even from those who have lived and worked in Africa. I was born and raised there and look forward to returning someday in the near future.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous dee said...

hi jeni,found ur trip adventure interesting and more to that, visiting the north west.what do u have to say to those who haven't visited the northwest.i was born and raised in northwest and i know how it can be when it comes to its interesting adventures.i hope to go back someday.i miss north west.

10:56 PM  
Blogger laughing pastor said...

I visited Cameroon 15 years ago. I'm a Presbyterian pastor. My father and I traveled to visit a women who had dual citizenship in the U.S. and Cameroon.

We lived in Bamenda for 21 days. Visited Bafut, and Bali.

I also met the wife of John Frundi and learned of the hardship of the Anglophones.

Our last day in Bamenda was Black Friday....a day when the city demonstrated against the government. We left the city literally 30 seconds before the government shut down the city.

I have such fond memories of my dear friends in the Azire Congregation.

I'm glad I found your blog. I will be reading and remembering.

We also visited Younde and stayed a the Presbyterian Seminary there.

1:40 AM  

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