Friday, September 30, 2005

Yesterday, I went out to watch everyone play Ultimate Frisbee. It was nice to get out and see people I hadn't seen in such a long time. It wil be quite a while until I am able to get out and do any type of sport. It has been three weeks since I hurt my knee and it is still slightly sore. The swelling has gone down, but at times I have a slight discomfort across the front portion.

The adjustment to life in Cameroon is big. In Los Angles, after school my friends and I oftentimes go out to live concerts, go bowling, sip coffee at a coffee shop, play video games, or some other entertaining activity. Here in Yaounde, my week usually consists teaching, preparing for the next day, and then sleep. Since, I am unable to play sports I have decided to keep myself occupied through other activities. One of my desires has been to learn to sew (yeah, I know some of you are laughing) so I can make my own clothes. When my knee heals, I will hopefully find someone who will give me sewing lessons. Also, I am looking into possibly learning how to play an instrument, either the piano or guitar. Actually, tomorrow I have my first French Language tutoring session (well, technically, it should be my third, but I have missed the last two Fridays). I am very excited about learning some new phrases. I have a book that I use at home, which has helped tremendously.

Thank you for sending me all of the kind words and thoughts. I have read all of the encouraging comments and they have raised my spirits. All of the comments, whether from family and friends or from people I do not know, have encouraged me throughout this tough time. I do appreciate it.


Anonymous tny said...

Hello Jeniffer,

I have discovered your blog while looking for "cameroon" on

I am a cameroonian living in the US. I grew up in Yaounde.

So you went to "la briqueterie" and ate some soya? Delicious isn't it?

Je te souhaite un tres bon sejour au Cameroun, also known as Africa in miniature.
I have bookmarked your page. will come back.


3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From USA.Excellent Blog. Keep writing. Thank you

6:23 PM  

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