Monday, September 19, 2005

More pictures

I had a few more pictures that I wanted to add to the posting. A couple more of the museum and a few from the dinner party we had on Saturday. These posts are short, but I'm tired and have work to do. But, do enjoy the pictures!! Oh, do you like the way I cook sitting down!!!


Anonymous Jeral said...

Hello Jennifer:
What's going on this is your Aunt Jeral. I'm in Summerville with your mother. I really do miss you but I see you are enjoying yourself. Your pictures are so nice & beautiful. Please be safe & careful. I love you class room. You look so beautiful. Tell you roommates I said hello. You are always on my mind. Love JS

12:31 AM  
Anonymous David A said...

Hey Jennifer:

I'm thrilled to read your stories and view the pictures. You have made my dreams come true in away. I'm 54yrs old and lived in Limbe, known then as Victoria at the age of 5. I started elementary school at Barcel Mission. My father was the chief staff nurse at the General hospital about 2 miles from the city center then. I remember the fun of walking long distances to school and hitching rides on trucks, sliding down hills and hiking thru the banana and palm plantations and risking injuries and being chased by guards. Wild but fun memories.

I loved that city and have often wondered what it looks like now especially the two places I mentioned. I have thought a lot about visiting but have not been able to do due to personal circumstances. You can't imagine how thrilled I am that I can see that city again thru your eyes and cam lenses. If I don't ever get to visit as I hope, at least your feed is making my day.

Great job...Thanks a bunch and enjoy your adventures. I'll keep reading. I'm your great fan,

8:27 AM  

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