Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trekking up to Ohio

As my parents and I travel to Ohio for my brother’s wedding, I’m thinking of all of the different places I’d like to visit in the future. Mostly, I’m thinking of my cross country road trip with my boyfriend! It’s going to be so much fun. I enjoy traveling and I encourage everyone to do so. You meet so many wonderful and amazing people and see things you wouldn’t normally see (or things you could only see off of google images).

It is also a small world:

1. Darrell and I met a man and his neice while waiting in one of the various lines at the Eiffel tower. The neice was visiting her uncle in Europe. After talking with them, I found out that she goes to a high school close to where I went to high school. And, it is even a high school my basketball team used to play.
2. On the flight from Zurich to Atlanta, I sat next to a friendly man from Ohio also. His son attends the university that I graduated from.
3. My parents and I stayed in a campground in Knoxville, TN. The morning before heading out we met a nice couple who stayed in the RV next to us. My parents were explaing to them how I just returned from Africa. And, the woman says I know so much about Africa. I was stunned because not so many people know much about Africa (or Cameroon for that matter). Well, she explained that she was from Cape Town (where I spent my spring break) and her husband was born and raised in Long Beach, CA where I lived and will return to this summer!

It is such a small world. And, you can find some of the most interesting people when traveling. You never know who you’ll run in to. I always imagine that one day I will come across a long lost friend of mine while wondering the halls of the airport. And, I think it will happen one day. HAPPY TRAVELS.

(This is a picture of my parent’s RV (the one on the right). We spent the night at a campground outside of Knoxville, TN.)


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