Monday, October 02, 2006

Zurich, Switzerland

Before returning to Cameroon, my boyfriend and I spent four days in Switzerland. Since our time was limited, we only visited Zurich and Lucerne. I have posted a few pictures of our time in Switzerland and can honestly say that the pictures don't accurately capture the beauty of the country. Darrell and I enjoyed a great time in the city of Zurich hopping from one train to the next as we toured mueseums, cathedrals, and shops. Anyone would have had a great laugh at us if they would have seen us trying to speak Swiss German. We ran into a few tough times because of our lack of German (I accidently forgot to bring our phrase book along). But, of course we got through it. We then took a day trip to Luzerne where we rog a cog-wheel train up the side of the Rigi mountain. The view was absolutely amazing. We also enjoyed the Picasso museum, which featured photos from the painter's life. We pigged out on chocolate, fondue, and beer. We stayed at the Hottinger Hotel (which I would recommend to anyone who visits Zurich).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear you are back! I read your blog faithfully and was worried something had happened to you!Looks like you had a great summer,with family and friends. I hope your year goes well.

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