Monday, October 02, 2006

Back in the kitchen.

I really wanted to have a Cameroonian feast for my parents. So, before leaving, I tried to learn how to make ndole. It seemed rather easy while I cooked it with a friend named Edwige. However, it turend out to be a whole different story when I got to the staes. Oh, I forgot to tell you, just to bring the green leafy vegetable to the states, I had to have it inspected at the agriculture table in the airport. That was a strange feeling, because I felt like a criminal even though I hadn't done anything wrong.

It took longer than expected to cook the dish. My mom and I began cooking it early in the morning. We had to clean the shrimp, wash and peel the peanuts, soak the nodle leaves, etc. The fact that my mom had an electric chopper helped us to save time. I can imagine how time consuming that must be for the women in villages who cook the dishes for their families without electricity.

After all that hard work, I don't think it turned out too well. It was too bitter and next time I will have to boil the leaves before cooking the ndole. But, I am determined to cook it just right next time.


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