Sunday, May 21, 2006

A shot of the military preparing for the National Day parade. They had so many preparations for the parade including placing the Cameroonian flag on light posts, painting the roads, and planting flowers. The downtown area looked beautiful. I believe beautifying projects should be consistent throughout the year instead of just on special days. National Day celebrates Cameroonian independence and nationlism. January 1, 1960 was when French Cameroon actually gained its independence.


Blogger pascal said...

Great job to work in the forest and wonderful for it to be in Cameroon. I obviuosly think it shall be great to join you there. I wish we had many devoted people to carry on this task. Didn't read much of what you do but i think am excited to know someone out there think well of the forest. Sure i take the intrance into Mbalmayo this year. Am 30 and a Cameroonian. Thanks

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