Friday, May 12, 2006

International Night

It's great to get the community together to have a nice night out. And, International Night was one of those wonderful times. Everyone gathered to celebrate the various cultures represented at our school. For entertainment, we had a percussion group, a Congolese dance group, and many vocal acts from the school community. I enjoyed watching the Congolese dance group. It was nice to see a different dance from another African country. Even the diverse cultural groups in Cameroon have different movements and dress. The food was great and having fun with friends was fantastic.


Blogger Yukti said...

Hi.. what is this International night all about? I too stay in Yaounde.. and am an Indian.. want to know more about it. Ur profile sounds interesting.. but i would like to know of more things to engage oneself while in Yaounde. I haven't found much to do there since i have been here in the last 10 months now... is there any kind of art (like painting, sketching...etc) that one can learn in Yaounde to keep oneself occupied?
Also what the other ways in which one can interact with more and more people here in Cameroon... especially since i am not working.. it becomes difficult for me to find a common meeting place to meet new people everyday.
Do reply in when u get time.

10:37 AM  

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