Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Around Yaounde

I decided to post today after my father kept politely reminding me to post about my recent trip to the Extreme North Province of Cameroon. So, I have written out everything I wanted to place on the website, but left it at home. I realized I needed to write something before I receive an email again telling me that I need to post. So, I should have the post about my three week winter vacation up and running tomorrow.

For now I will show you pictures that I have been meaning to post. For the past three weeks I have taken African drum lessons. Once (pretty soon twice ) a week I have an hour lesson at a dance studio called Svelta. The drum we play is the Djembe, which is handmade by the instructor. Its quite fun taking these lessons and I must say I'm actually quite good!!!

The second picture is of one of Mahina, the grocery stores that I go to (just in case you were wondering because I'm sure you were). I rarely go to the market to buy groceries.

So, tomorrow I will definitely have the wonderful pictures up that I took of my break to the Extreme North. I hope everyone is doing well.

Oh, I added some more pictures taken around Yaounde (of one of the traffic circles and of the central market).


Anonymous Ron said...


I'm smiling again! Looking forward to the post tomorrow.



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