Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Parent's Trip to Cameroon!!!

For winter break, my parents took their first trip to Africa. They traveled far to come visit me in Cameroon. I had such a wonderful time, sharing the experience of Cameroon with my parents. They arrived on Christmas day and were able to share a late dinner with my friend Claudette and I. The following day we departed for one of my favorite places in Cameroon, Bamenda! My parents were impressed with the beauty of Cameroon. They had a wonderful trip and I hope the following pictures show what a great time we had. I know this post is late!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if u will get this but I thought I'd leave a note anyway... I came accross your page and decided to read a bit about your trip to Cameroon. First I thought I recognized you, but then said to myself impossible. But when I saw the picture with your family in Handicraft, Bamenda, it all came to me. I happened to be there the evening that you and your family visited. I sat on the table next to where you & your family was sitting. In fact, I actually moved my seat when the pictures were being taken.
Well, all of this really is to say I think your blog is great, and I am flattered you mentioned Bamenda is one of your favourite towns in Cameroon!! I have been out of Cameroon for a while and travelled back over the Christmas period to spend with my brothers and sisters... I hope you get this. God bless and all the best.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey... u left the blog 'silent' for too long.
ps. if u have any more pictures of Bamenda, kindly put them up or send to me: as it might not be so interesting to everyone. I took a few when i was back in December but viewed them over and over... something different would be great. It's like a puzzle to me because i try to recognize the place it was taken in.
Its nice to have u back...

1:33 PM  

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