Saturday, March 03, 2007

During my parent's trip to Bamenda, we visited the Bali handicraft place (see the pictures below of the drums). We took several pictures in front of the talking drum. The palace uses the talking drum to communicate with the members of the village. It may be used to call for a meeting or to inform them of other important news.


Anonymous Mirjam said...

It was very interesting to look at your pictures since I was in Cameroon last summer with my boyfriend who is from Bamenda/Bali. I have been to some of the the school in Bali is in front of my boyfriend's family's compound and I have been shopping in the handicraft center. I'm also a teacher and it would be nice to keep in touch to share our experiences of Cameroon. I'm looking forward to go back there this year! Feel free to write to me and I'll send you some pics. Regards Mirjam from Sweden

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