Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rest stop

We took a bathroom break at Mackenene where we paid 500 francs (or was it 100 francs) to use the bathroom. 500 francs is about one US dollar. I gotta say, the bathroom was better than some others that I've been to. (Darrell--remember the ones in the north?). We also stopped to see the Chutes de la Metche (which I've posted pictures of before from my last trip to Bamenda). This time, we were lucky enough to catch a rainbow. The views in Bamenda are absolutely goregeous. The mountains and greenery are spectacular (I'm running out of good adjectives).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy do I remember those bathrooms in the North. Many of them left me wishing I'd used the bush.

The restroom at the cafe at the entrance to Waza is the one that I remember most vididly.

Those are great pictures and nice looking horses. Can't wait to hear from your parents when they get there.


7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, Jennifer you are killing me every time I see pic's of my country I feel like crying, becuz I've been in the US for about a yr now and even though it's nice here I missed Bamenda so much and I feel like going back every time I see these pic's, please can you send me some more pic's to my mail box so that I can keep in touch spiritually with my country

4:39 PM  

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